Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mad Hatter

Halloween is always a fun time in our house. I'm sure there are many of you who have your kids come to you with many different options leading up to the holiday. As the kids have gotten older, I try not to put to much into it because minds change as the time gets closer:) Last year my oldest wanted to be the Mad Hatter. Well, you tube and a glue gun to the rescue.

The hat was really a lot easier to put together than I had anticipated. This video really helped make it that way Threadbanger on YouTube. The materials were not costly at all. I had a lot already around the house. I purchased a posterboard and feather. The rest I already had. The hat pins were made with the same wire that I used to make the brim of the hat. I used red cloth underneath the cream lace. I hot glued buttons to the wire and then attached to the hat. The hat, itself, was spray painted green, gold and black.

I took white cotton material and stained it with tea to give it more of an aged look. I added an elastic band to keep the hat on her head because it was really heavy.

Well, if she decides to have a hat in her costume this year I can definitely be more confident making one. Give it a try. It was much easier than it may appear and a lot of fun:)



You Had Me At Craft


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