Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exploring Cricut - Spring Anyone?

Hello Everyone! The warm air is teasing us these days and it needs to stay put.  I definitely am ready for the Spring/Summer season. It's my turn to share at Exploring Cricut and More and I was looking for a project that would help me think warm thoughts. I came across this cute vase at Lettering Delights. It happened to be a free cut, which always is a plus in my book.

You can cut this using your printer (using the color chosen already) or change the colors to your liking.  I chose to change the colors a little bit and here's how I did mine. 

I clicked on the Trace button (you can also find this under Object button and scroll down to Trace). I then clicked the Select Trace Area. I outlined the area that you see below. Once this was done I hit the Trace button.

The boot outline will then change to a red color instead of yellow and you can take your cursor and separate the yellow boot from the red outline. This outline is what you will use to cut with the color of your choice.

I then proceeded to do this with all of the cuts. You will also need to remember to cut two boots for both sides. To save on paper waste, when cutting the black and pink, I moved the outlines closer together before cutting. 

I put silk flowers in mine, but if you add some support to the bottom of your box a small bud vase will fit very nicely instead. This would make a sweet gift for any occasion.

12 x 12 American Craft Papers
Wellie Box - Lettering Delights
Silk Flowers

Hope you enjoyed my project and thanks for stopping by!



teachermom5 said...

Such a fabulous project, I really love those wellies...

Sharon said...

This is awesome Annette!!! I so love it! :)

Martha Herrera said...

WOW! This is so awesome! Thank you for the step-by-step pictures.

snappy scrappy said...